Pre Birth Education

When you first discover your are pregnant you will have so many things to think about. Choosing a name, buying clothes, ogranising maternity leave and the list goes on. Classic Antenatal Classes spend a lot of time focusing on the birth and only touch on topics like breastfeeding and baby care. Knowing what to expect after your baby is born can totally change the way you approach this challenging time.

As a Lactation Consultant and a Neonatal Nurse I have more than 30yrs experience working with babies and have specialised in infant feeding and infant sleep. I present 3 different topics to provide you with all the necessary information to help prepare for the first 6 months of your baby's life.

Prepare to take your baby home with confidence

All partner's please come along! You are a vital part of this whole experience!


Course Contents

Session 1

Breastfeeding fully explained

  • Understanding how you and your baby work together to get breastfeeding started
  • How to ensure that your baby is correctly attached to the breast
  • We will discuss how long feeds will last, as well as how to know that your baby is getting enough milk
  • We also cover how to avoid potential difficulties and common problems with breastfeeding

Session 2

Understanding Infant Sleep

  • Why your newborn baby doesn't understand how to sleep
  • We look at how sleep develops as your baby matures and learns to settle easier
  • How to apply specific settling technqiues that will usually calm the fussiest babies
  • How to slowly establish a routine that will bring predictability back into your lives

Session 3

Emotional Adjustment to Parenting

  • How the change in hormones affect your emotions and how to manage the 3rd day blues
  • How you as the partner will adjust and can help support mum during this emotional roller coaster
  • When to get concerned about how you are adjusting and where to get help
  • Even how to help your pets adjust to having a baby in the home!
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Session Information

Option 1

Attend 3 Wednesday evening sessions from 6.00pm to 8.30pm

- Cost $250 per couple

Option 2

Attend all 3 Sessions on 1 Saturday from 9.00am to 4.30pm

- Cost $250 per couple

Option 3

Attend any individual Wednesday evening session

- Cost $95 per session

Option 4

Private in home education
(up to 6 hours)

- Cost $350 per couple

Included Free

With every 3 Week or Saturday course attended you will receive the following value added items:
  • A one on one appointment to discuss any personal concerns you have regarding breastfeeding. Valued at $50.00
  • A copy of my book - Newborn Essentials - so you will always have the information close at hand. Valued at $40.00
  • Tea, Coffee and Snacks provided during all courses and a light lunch is provided during the saturday course
  • A discount voucher for $50 off Newborn Photographs compliments of Umbilical Love Photography
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Location Details

Central Medical Group
222 Beechworth Rd
Wodonga VIC 3690

* Entrance off Beechworth Road
* Please come up the drive and park at the back



0455 612 229


Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:00

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