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Congratulations you're pregnant! You've prepared for the birth, you've got the nursery all planned and the list of names is ready for that wonderful moment when you meet your baby! You're all set right?

But have you thought about the moments after the birth, when it's time for that first breastfeed? Although breastfeeding is deemed to be natural, there are many women who will have various challenges that can create difficulties during this time. Or when your baby is crying and you have no idea what to do? Learning how to settle your baby and facilitate the development of sleep will come in real handy during those long nights!

As a Lactation Consultant and a Neonatal Nurse I have more than 30yrs experience working with babies and have specialized in infant feeding and infant sleep. I present 3 different topics to provide you with all the necessary information to help prepare you for those precious moments after the birth. Choose which one suits you best or attend all 3 sessions for a discounted price and great added value!

All partner's please come along! You are a vital part of this whole experience!

1. Breastfeeding explained

During this session we discuss all the relevant information you will need to know to get off to a good start.

  • Understanding how the human breast works
  • How to attach your baby
  • What to expect when breastfeeding your baby
  • How to manage challenges you might come across

Price: $80 for this session if done as an individual session


2. Understanding infant sleep

You've heard the saying "Sleeping like a baby". Well whoever came up with that saying was surely not talking about a newborn baby! During this session we will discuss:

  • Why your newborn baby doesn't understand how to sleep
  • How these skills develop
  • What you as parents can do to facilitate this process
  • How to build a routine that works for you

Price: $80 for this session if done as an individual session


3. Adjusting to becoming a parent

Having a baby is a life changing event and everything you have know as "normal" will be no more! During this session we discuss some of the emotions you may exoerience and how to make this adjustment smoothly.

  • Understanding your emotions as a mum
  • How you as the partner will adjust and can help support mum during this emotional roller coaster
  • When to get concerned about how you are adjusting and where to get help
  • Even how to help your pets adjust to having a baby in the home!

Price: $80 for this session if done as an individual session


4. Full 3 Week Course (Best Value)

If you would like to do the whole course then this will be offered at a discounted price of $200.

You will also receive the following additional value:

  • A one on one session to discuss any personal questions you may have about breastfeeding. A breast examination will be performed in order to make sure any possible difficulties are identified prior to the birth.

    (valued at $50)
  • A copy of my new book - Feeding your baby.

    (valued at $80)

Session Information


Central Medical Group

224 Beechworth Road
Wodonga VIC 3690


The sessions are repeated starting the first Wednesday of every month from 6pm to 8:30pm.

On booking you will see the available dates for each month. 


You will be able to choose individual sessions or do the full course.

Course Bookings are easy to arrange online

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0455 612 229

Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:00

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