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2. Why should I do breastfeeding classes before the birth?

When you are pregnant it is normal for you to be focused on the birth. You mind is set on that one event. THE day your baby arrives. And yes you have thought of all the wonderful hours you are going to be breastfeeding your baby, the moments you will spend lovingly looking at your baby while he/she breastfeed! You may have heard that some people struggle , but in your mind that is not going to be you. Your mind will just not let you go there! But the reality is that there can be many challenges you could face on your breastfeeding journey. Ignoring the possibility that things may not go smoothly can lead to great disappointment if you do face difficulties. By doing a class that prepares you for the reality of the difficulties that you could face, you will be much more prepared to manage those difficulties. The Baby Assist course is offers insight into the functioning of the breast and how to negotiate some of the most common problems that can occur.


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