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Learn how the birth of a mother led to the birth of Baby Assist

Discover what you will learn in this 18 part video course

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Why you need to think carefully before choosing

The importance of selecting the right fabric and TOG's

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How to avoid making an expensive mistake

The pro's and con's of car seats vs capsules

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How to keep baby at the perfect temperature

Don't get stuck without these items (and what NOT to waste your money on)

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Handy extra's for the unexpected times

Disposables or reusables? That is the question!

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How to select the right baby monitor

Keeping baby clean and tidy

Don't leave home without these items

Get everyone on the same page and help them feel involved in the first few weeks

How to make sure older siblings are ready for the new baby

Getting your pets used to the idea about the big change ahead

Yes, it's a real thing - No, you aren't losing your mind

Free Course

Ok, so baby is here or almost here - Where to from here?

About the Teacher

Wendy Pratt

Wendy is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who has been working with babies and their families for over 37yrs. She is a qualified Neonatal Nurse and has extensive knowledge on infant feeding and infant sleep. She is passionate about helping parents prepare for the upcoming birth of their baby. Wendy believes that being prepared for the birth of the baby is important - but so many parents forget to prepare to take a new baby home! Knowing what to expect when it comes to feeding your baby as well as what will happen with their sleep is so vitally important that Wendy has made it her mission to educate herself on all things baby.

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