Infant Sleep Consultations

It’s common to feel alone, stressed or worried about your baby’s crying and sleep problems. At times like these you need the support of a professional, trained to help you negotiate this sometimes tricky journey.

Many parent-baby sleep programs ask you to delay responses to your baby (even if he or she is grizzling or crying) or to ignore powerful biological cues (such as baby falling asleep with feeds). Yet high-level evidence shows that sleep training programs don’t decrease the frequency of night waking, and that responding to your baby’s communications protects development. The Possums sleep program remains unique, effective, and the most biologically aligned

As an NDC (The Possums Programme) accredited practitioner Wendy offers a holistic approach that is built on her years of experience with infants and her knowledge gained from the NDC training. Unlike other approaches to early life care, NDC uniquely acknowledges the interrelatedness of breastfeeding and infant feeding, sleep, baby’s sensory-motor and social needs, cry-fuss behaviours, and parental mood, offering innovative, state-of-the-art support in each domain. By consulting with NDC accredited health professionals, parents avoid fragmentation of care and conflicting advice.

Infant Sleep Consultation

In Home – $165
Telehealth – $165
90 minute appointments

Infant Sleep Follow Up

In Home – $95
Telehealth $95
90 minute appointments

Make A Booking

Consultations can be either via a video telehealth appointment any where in Australia or Wendy can organise a time to make an in home visit within the Albury/Wodonga region

Preparing For Your Consultation

  1. If at all possible could you get your baby weighed (naked – no clothes on) on the day before the appointment so I can use that information during the session
  2. If you are unable to get out to weight your baby then try the following
    1. Climb on any digital scale yourself without your baby. Record your weight.
    2. Undress your baby and then holding your baby climb back on the scale.
    3. Subtract your weight from the total weight of you and your baby and that will give you your baby’s weight
    4. Or alternatively if your baby is still below 6 weeks you could place a sturdy big pyrex dish on a kitchen scale and place a thin blanket in the bowl. Tare the weight and then pop your baby in the bowl to get an accurate weight

Please have the following ready

  1. Your baby’s birth records
  2. A list of questions and concerns you have
  3. A summary of your baby’s current sleeping and feeding patterns


  • Infant Feeding & Sleep Specialist
  • Neonatal Intensive Care Nurse
  • More than 30 years experience assisting with infant feeding
  • Compassionate and realistic approach

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