Bottle Feeding Assitance

Bottle Feeding Assistance

When looking for advice about feeding your baby you will find plenty of assistance with breastfeeding. If you have needed to or chosen to bottle feed your baby then you may not find the assistance you have needed. I believe that there are many solutions to feeding your baby and if you are using a bottle to do so, you deserve the same amount of respect and assistance.

Just because your baby is bottle feeding doesn’t mean that things will be easy. If you are needing advice then please book an appointment. I have a non-judgemental approach and a lot of experience with using bottles to feed babies. I have extensive knowledge on formulas as well as most brands of bottles and teats. Each baby has unique needs and some even require specialised feeding bottles.

I believe in being compassionate and honest, and will endeavour to make sure that feeding plans are realistic and feasible. I will take a comprehensive history to try establish the cause of the problems, and will tailor make a solution that fits your circumstances and goals.

Please call me on 0455 612 229. If I do not answer the phone then please leave me a message so I can get back to you as soon as I’m free.

- If you're looking for Assistance with Breastfeeding click here: Breastfeeding Assistance!


Fee Structure

1. Initial consultation

  • A 90 min consultation
  • Thorough history taking
  • Observing how your baby feeds
  • Advice regarding any changes that may be necessary
  • Written information provided to help guide you through any changes
  • $180 – payable on completion of the appointment

2. Follow up consultation

  • Duration may depend on the complexity of the problems
  • Revision of the feeding plan if any changes are needed
  • 90 min - $150
  • 60 min - $100
  • 30 min – $50

3. Location

  • This will be discussed at the time of booking an appointment and will depend on where you live.
  • Home visits are available in the Albury Wodonga region.
  • Some consultations can be offered in an office setting if you live outside the area for a home visit. This will mean you need to travel to Wodonga.
  • Consultations can be done via video link up, if you are not able to travel to Wodonga. This does put some limitations on the consultation, but is preferable to no help at all.

Preparation for Appointment

On the day of the appointment it is better if your baby is ready to feed at the agreed time of the appointment. I know that this is very difficult with a newborn baby but please see if you can do the following:

  • Wake your baby to do a feed around 3 to 4 hours prior to the visit
  • If you are expressing your breasts try to complete this as soon after the feed as possible
  • Use a dummy or cuddle your baby if necessary to keep him / her settled
  • Please do not feed your baby until the appointment time so your baby is ready to feed when I arrive
  • Have the baby book handy as I will need to refer to this to check the previous weights
  • If you have been using a bottle to top up with and you are seeing me in the consulting room please be sure to bring the bottle and expressed milk or formula with you to the appointment
  • Write all your questions down as you think of them so we can be sure you have covered all of your concerns before I leave.

Medicare and Lactation Consultants

  • Unfortunately, the Australian Government has not made provisions for Lactation Consultants to get a Medicare Provider number. This means that the fees for private lactation consultants cannot be reimbursed through Medicare. We are currently trying to address this with the appropriate organisation.
  • Some private health funds will reimburse a certain portion of the fee so please contact your healthcare fund and I will work with you to help you claim back from the fund.


Please remember that the aim of breastfeeding is to ensure that your baby is getting enough milk to grow and be healthy and that you are comfortable during feeding. If there are serious concerns that your baby is not putting on sufficient weight and appears hungry or possibly even becoming dehydrated, then the primary goal of breastfeeding is not being achieved. I am duty bound to advocate for your baby as he/she is unable to speak and tell you what is needed. My philosophy is – “Feed the Baby while we work on fixing what we can”. I will never use formula unnecessarily and will always discuss this with you to ensure that you understand all the implications.


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