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About Breastfeeding

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Lear why we value breastfeeding our babies.

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In this lesson you will learn how remarkable the breast is! We will cover how your body works to make milk for your baby and how this milk will flow to feed your baby.

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Learn why this has become popular and if it is something you need to do.

Keep your milk supply going by making sure you eat and drink well.

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Learn how your baby's instincts help with breastfeeding.

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Now that you know how the breast works and how your baby is created to work with you it is time to look at that first breastfeed.

There are various options for positioning your baby but there are some very important points to ensure that you are careful about.

If you are experiencing nipple pain it is vital that you get this sorted as soon as possible. In this section we will also have a look at the use of nipple shields.

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It is vitally important to ensure that your baby is draining the breast well so that enough breast milk is consumed to satisfy hunger. This session will cover how to identify that your baby is swallowing effectively during a feed.

In this session we will look at what you can expect during a breastfeed. This includes looking at how to change nappies and clean both boys and girls.

Because there is no way of seeing how much your baby is drinking you may be concerned that your baby is not getting enough milk. There are a few things that we can look at to put your mind at ease or to know if you should be concerned.

Blocked ducts and mastitis occur for many women. Here are some tips to help you manage if you too fid yourself facing these tricky situations.

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Find out more about what to expect during the first few days following the birth.

Bonding with your new baby is not about just one moment - it is a lifetime experience. Learn how to get to know what your little baby is communicating to you.

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Understanding where your baby is physiologically when it comes to sleep will help you manage this early newborn phase with some confidence.

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In this session you will learn all about swaddling. We go through using a blanket to swaddle as well as using modern day swaddling bags. We also go through how to eventually teach your baby to be unswaddled as this needs to happen by the time a baby can roll over from back to tummy.

Some babies will need more than just swaddling to settle. There are also times when even the most chilled baby needs some help settling. n this session we look at some tried and trusted techniques that will help a baby settle. We also look at how to lay a baby down in their own sleep space if this is something that you are finding difficult.

About the Teacher

Wendy Pratt

Wendy is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant who has been working with babies and their families for over 37yrs. She is a qualified Neonatal Nurse and has extensive knowledge on infant feeding and infant sleep. She is passionate about helping parents prepare for the upcoming birth of their baby. Wendy believes that being prepared for the birth of the baby is important - but so many parents forget to prepare to take a new baby home! Knowing what to expect when it comes to feeding your baby as well as what will happen with their sleep is so vitally important that Wendy has made it her mission to educate herself on all things baby.

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