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Pre - Birth Consultations

There are many obstacles that you may encounter when breastfeeding your baby. Assistance from an infant feeding specialist can help you come up with a plan to try overcome these challenges.

Consultations can be either via a video telehealth appointment any where in Australia or Wendy can organise a time to make an in home visit within the Albury/Wodonga region


Wendy helped us feel much more prepared in caring for and troubleshooting our newborn when she arrived

How It Works...

what happens during a consultation

Wendy will take a comprehensive history and make a thorough assessment of your breasts to ensure you have thebest chance at breastfeeding your newbor baby

With more than 30 years’ experience helping mothers feed their babies. Wendy’s advice is practical and realistic, ensuring that your baby is getting sufficient milk to settle and put on weight.

You will find Wendy’s approach to be compassionate and honest,  ensuring that any plans and advice are realistic and feasible.

What Clients Say

Wendy took the fear away and we were successful from the start in our breastfeeding journey

Amelia New Mum

Wendy gave me so much confidence and a thorough understanding of breastfeeding. We constantly referred to what we had learnt.

Kate  New Mum

Wendy was absolutely amazing during the antenatal & postnatal period! 

Khali New Mum


initial consultation



  • Face to Face or via Telehealth
  • 90 Minute Consultation
  • Thorough History Taking
  • Written Information Provided To Help Guide You Through
  • Time To Answer Any Questions You Have

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Preparing For Your Consultation

  • Think back to the first breastfeed and write down what you can remember
  • Write down as much detail as you can remember about what happened in hospital and when you went home
  • Think about what you goals are for breastfeeding this new baby
  • Write down any questions you may have
  • Have this ready at the time of the appointment to reference to
  • Have your previous baby’s records available to reference to if this is necessary

If this is your first baby, think about what your goals are for feeding, write down any issues you think you may have with your breasts, write down any family history of breast issues in relation to breastfeeding

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