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Infant Sleep Consultations

It’s common to feel alone, stressed or worried about your baby’s crying and sleep problems. At times like these you need the support of a professional, trained to help you negotiate this sometimes tricky journey.


Having Wendy follow up post birth was super handy. Beautiful kind soul! Could not recommend her highly enough

How It Works...

what happens during a consultation

Many parent-baby sleep programs ask you to delay responses to your baby (even if he or she is grizzling or crying) or to ignore powerful biological cues (such as baby falling asleep with feeds).

 Yet high-level evidence shows that sleep training programs don’t decrease the frequency of night waking, and that responding to your baby’s communications protects development. 

The Possums sleep program remains unique, effective, and the most biologically aligned

NDC (The Possums Programme) accredited practitioner

As an NDC (The Possums Programme) accredited practitioner Wendy offers a holistic approach that is built on her years of experience with infants and her knowledge gained from the NDC training. Unlike other approaches to early life care, NDC uniquely acknowledges the interrelatedness of breastfeeding and infant feeding, sleep, baby’s sensory-motor and social needs, cry-fuss behaviours, and parental mood, offering innovative, state-of-the-art support in each domain. By consulting with NDC accredited health professionals, parents avoid fragmentation of care and conflicting advice.

What Clients Say

Wendy is amazing at being able to discuss/give advice on certain topics within the course that may be more relevant to your pregnancy situation. Would highly recommend and have been to other first time mums!!

Katia New Mum

Wendy was very informative and we feel a little more confident about this new chapter in our lives. 

Esjay  New Mum

We both felt more prepared for the realities of newborn feeding and sleeping, and knowing what is normal has helped immensely and facilitated a relatively stress-free adjustment to parenthood! 

Tash Financial Consultant


initial consultation



  • Face to Face or via Telehealth
  • 2 Hour Consultation
  • Thorough History Taking
  • Establishing Your family's Specific Goals
  • Explain Possums Approach To Sleep Disruptions
  • Personalised Sleep Plan
  • Time To Answer Any Questions You Have 
follow up appointment



  • Face to Face or via Telehealth
  • Revision Of The Sleep Plan 
  • 60 Minute Consultation
  • Duration May Vary, Depending On Complexities

Request A Consultation

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Preparing For Your Consultation

On the day of the appointment it is better if your baby is ready to feed at the agreed time of the appointment. I know that this is very difficult with a newborn baby but please see if you can do the following:

  • Wake your baby to do a feed around 3 to 4 hours prior to the visit
  • If you are expressing your breasts try to complete this as soon after the feed as possible
  • Use a dummy or cuddle your baby if necessary to keep him / her settled
  • Please do not feed your baby until the appointment time so your baby is ready to feed when I arrive
  • Have the baby book handy as I will need to refer to this to check the previous weights
  • If you have been using a bottle to top up with and you are seeing me in the consulting room please be sure to bring the bottle and expressed milk or formula with you to the appointment
  • Write all your questions down as you think of them so we can be sure you have covered all of your concerns before the end of the appointment.
  • Consultations can be either via a video telehealth appointment any where in Australia or Wendy can organise a time to make an in home visit within the Albury/Wodonga region

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