Covid Policy

Covid Safe Policy

Keeping my clients safe during covid is a very important aspect that I have needed to incorporate into my routine as I go about my daily visits. Here are some specific details on what I am doing to help keep you and your family safe:
  1. Vaccinations:
    1. On the 16th July 2021 I received my second Covid vaccine so I am now fully vaccinated according to the current recommendations.
    2. If there is a yearly booster I will make sure that I receive these too.
  2. Hand sanitizing:
    1. I carry hand sanitizing in my car and use this when I arrive at an appointment before coming to your door.
    2. On entering your home I will ask to wash my hands with soap and water prior to touching you or your baby.
    3. I use hand sanitizer again when I leave your home prior to going to my next appointment.
    4. If I need to examine your baby’s mouth to evaluate for a tongue tie I always wear disposable powder and latex free gloves.
  3. My clothing:
    1. I do not wear a uniform but wear a clean change of clothing each day.
    2. I have a clean TShirt available to place over my shirt if anyone requests that I wear this.
    3. I try to physically interact with you and your baby as little as I possibly can. I may need to touch you and your baby at times though to help demonstrate changes to positioning and attachment.
  4. Masks:
    1. As the wearing of masks has now been made mandatory inside and outside I will wear a mask for each appointment.
    2. I do not require you to wear a mask as you are in your own home.
  5. My equipment:
    1. Scale:
      1. My scale is contained in a plastic box and this is wiped down before each appointment.
      2. The scale is wiped down before your baby is placed on the scale and again before it goes back into the box.
      3. A “bluey” (a disposable absorbent plastic lined pad) is placed on the scale before your baby is weighed. This serves two purposes.
        1. It protects your baby from the discomfort of being placed on a cold surface.
        2. My scale is protected from contamination if a baby decides that this is the perfect moment to empty his/her bladder, or even worse, bowels!! And this happens very often!
      4. The bluey is disposed of in your bin at home before I leave.
    2. The measuring mat and tape measure I use to do length and head circumference measurements when required are also wided down after each use.
    3. My phones, tablet and pens are wiped down after each appointment.
    4. My bag in which I carry my equipment is sprayed down with Glen 20 (or an equivalent) before it is placed back into my car.
  6. Contact tracing:
    1. My diary is kept on an online system with all your contact details added on when I first make contact with you.
    2. This will be my contact tracing information in the event that this is needed.
    3. I do please ask you to contact me if anyone in your family have been tested
  7. Telehealth appointments:
    1. If for any reason you are still not comfortable with me coming into your home, please know that I have the capability of doing online appointments where I use a video platform that is very easy to operate.
    2. This allows me to still have access to observing a feed or discussing any infant sleep issues that you are experiencing with your baby.
    3. This can be easily organised so please don’t hesitate to ask for this service instead of a home visit.
Please do not hesitate to discuss any part of my covid policy if you have any other concerns.