Newborn Essentials Workshops

Workshop Contents

Workshop 1

Breastfeeding fully explained

  • Understanding how you and your baby work together to get breastfeeding started
  • How to ensure that your baby is correctly attached to the breast
  • We will discuss how long feeds will last, as well as how to know that your baby is getting enough milk
  • We also cover how to avoid potential difficulties and common problems with breastfeeding

Workshop 2

Understanding Infant Sleep

  • Why your newborn baby doesn't understand how to sleep
  • We look at how sleep develops as your baby matures and learns to settle easier
  • How to apply specific settling technqiues that will usually calm the fussiest babies
  • How to slowly establish a routine that will bring predictability back into your lives

Workshop 3

Emotional Adjustment to Parenting

  • How the change in hormones affect your emotions and how to manage the 3rd day blues
  • How you as the partner will adjust and can help support mum during this emotional roller coaster
  • When to get concerned about how you are adjusting and where to get help
  • Even how to help your pets adjust to having a baby in the home!
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Workshop Information

Option 1

Attend 3 Wednesday evening workshops
from 6.00pm to 8.30pm

- Cost $250 per couple

Option 2

Attend all 3 Workshops on 1 Saturday
from 9.00am to 4.30pm

- Cost $250 per couple

Option 3

Private in home education
(up to 6 hours)

- Cost $350 per couple

Included Free

With every 3 Week or Saturday workshop option attended you will receive the following value added items:
  • Tea, Coffee and Snacks provided during all workshops and a light lunch is provided during the saturday workshop
  • A discount voucher for $50 off Newborn Photographs compliments of Umbilical Love Photography
  • A one on one appointment to discuss any personal concerns you have regarding breastfeeding. Valued at $50.00
  • A copy of my book - Newborn Essentials - so you will always have the information close at hand. Valued at $40.00
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Unit 9

22 Stanley Street


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Mon - Fri: 9:00 - 5:00

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